Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

V.A.: "(POLYSTAR) SUPER DANCE PLUS 5" von 1994 : CD 1 : - CAPPELLA: "U Got 2 Let The Music (Plus Staples Remix)" - MARK`OH: "Randy (Never Stop That Feeling) (DJ Westbam Remix)" - TWENTY 4 SEVEN feat. STAY-C and NANCE: "Is It Love (Single Mix)" - 2 UNLIMITED: "Maximum Overdrive (Extended Version)" - K. DA`CRUZ: "New High Energy (Dance Mix)" - STELLA GETZ: "Friends (7 Inch Version)" - STANLEY FOORT: "Heaven Is Here (Extended Version)" - LOVE 4 SALE: "Do You Feel So Right (DJ Joe Remix)" - PUSH (V) feat. K. KA`CRUZ: "Push 1994 (Single Version)" - URBAN COOKIE COLLECTIVE: "Feels Like Heaven (Extended To The Max Mix)" - ICE MC: "Take Away The Colour (HF Remix)" - FUN FACTORY: "Groove Me (The Darth Vader Remix)" - WESTBAM: "Celebration Generation (Video Version)" - RICK JAMES: "Super Freak" CD 2 : - TAG TEAM: "Whoomp ! (There It Is) (Club Mix)" - STAKKA BO: "Down The Drain (Original Version)" - COOL NOTE: "Hardwork (Airplay Mix)" - SYBIL: "My Love Is Guaranteed (Funky New Remix)" - ACE OF BASE: "The Sign (Long Version)" - GO: "Let`s All Chant 1994 (Radio Chant)" - SIMONE ANGEL: "Let This Feeling (Crystal Clear Mix)" - DJ BOBO: "Take Control (Radio Mix)" - ODYSSEY (IV): "Talk To Me (Radio Mix)" - MEN BEHIND feat. MELANIE THORNTON: "Feel The Life (Extended Mix)" - CO.RO. feat. TALEESA: "4 Your Love (Radio Version)" - PEEZZE: "(All We Need Is A) Perfect Balance (Special Ballroom Mix)" - SOLITAIRE (III): "Chasing Clouds (Broadcast Edit)" - JOCELYN BROWN: "Somebody Elses Guy (Maxi Version 1984)"

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